A Glimpse of Buddhadharma (2nd ed.)


A Glimpse of Buddhadharma was first put together by Phakchok Rinpoche’s students in the spring of 2009, before he set off on a summer-long teaching tour in Asia, Europe, and America. With the growing interest in the Buddha’s teaching from all corners of the world, Rinpoche noticed people often asked the same questions about Buddhism. While the questions and answers contained here offer merely a glimpse into the vast and rich treasure of the Buddha’s teachings, they shed light on many fundamental and crucial points, and answer some of the most common questions that arise for those new to Buddhism.

The second edition of A Glimpse of Buddhadharma features clarified language, Rinpoche’s further explanation on several points, and a short glossary. Readers seeking to learn more will find a list of publications that explain key topics in greater detail.

A Glimpse of Buddhadhadharma is available as an ebook on Amazon!